Posted by: Devin | November 24, 2016

Eleanor is a story about a girl, and that is the end of describing it in a linear way. Eleanor is not just about Eleanor, but all the women in her family. Her pregnant grandmother who disappeared in the waves of the ocean, a twin sister Esmerelda who died in an accident, and a mother intent on drowning herself in a sea of alcohol round out this story. Eleanor gets thrust into the fantastical and unexplainable, which is both beautiful and flinchingly painful. I must be honest and say that I have no idea how to review this story. The best way for me as the reader to paint a picture of this book is to simply use descriptive words. Guilt, anger, grief, mystery, determination, love, and redemption. It is a magnificent novel, the writer weaves together a tale that breaks your heart and then pieces it back together while you admire and encourage the strength in Eleanor. It has been a long time since I have been truly moved and fascinated by a book. Jason Gurley has crafted something magical.” 


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