Posted by: Devin | October 20, 2016

Trust to Chance

–For Dao Synchronous–

I felt a tapping on my spine that hearkened back to when I was young, 
and to make decisions as to whether I should go or stay, 

I would simply flip a coin. 

I’d  feel that ghostly finger probing, 

guiding me along,

pushing, pulling, steering, wheeling, 

a compass at my back. 

Let’s leave it up to something greater, 

more mysterious than life. 

When we were young and indecisive, 

we’d let the roulette spin, 

choosing Fate, not indecision,  

numbers and the signs. 

This constant lack of lit direction 

burns without a flame, 

and opens wide the mystic curtains 

of mystery’s design. 

Let’s list the ways the day could evolve, 

and let the wind decide. 

Shall it be a daring venture, 

or a calm night of stars? 

Why risk the worry, 

let us only 

plan to live and love? 

And breathe in deep the scents of living, 

trust to chance and be. 


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