Posted by: Devin | October 18, 2016

Music Via Lactea

“Music Via Lactea” 

[Allow me to introduce you to the things that bring me joy… 

the notes that pluck the heartstrings, 

the sounds that mend my soul.] 

This particular number, 

with its staticked pops and grooves, 

has often brought me solace

through the darkness and the fear. 

And this voice of gargled whiskey, 

growling through the night, 

has often been my reason 

to fill another page. 

The smudged perfection, 

ink on crumpled collar, 

fingers like twisted trees, 

beauty bent and strange. 

Let me share with you the first time 

a voice made me alive, 

and made me feel like falling 

upwards and not down. 

The words once written by another 

in some unknown place;

about someone, something secret, 

yet in tune with me. 

My heart, my life, my love and dreaming, 

the words, the beat, the sounds, 

of a million hidden, sacred moments, 

atoms in the flames. 

How like a mind to embrace word choice, 

how like a soul to move, 

in time with every passed rotation

of that turning disc. 

A disc that spirals round its beauty, 

centered at the heart;

so like the disc we all inhabit, 

Via Lactea. 

A Fibonacci to the center, 

the music that is All;

No wonder we find light in music, 

when it’s all we are. 


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