Posted by: Devin | October 17, 2016

Moth With the Cinder Wings

–This post is for Dao Synchronous.– 

The secret to solving any mystery is to realize they don’t always need to be solved. 

Like the ripple of change by a stone’s throw, sometimes the biggest successes start with a single drop of rain. 

Sometimes the quietest stream hides the most tumultuous current. 

A coincidence is a pessimistic way of interpreting what could be a synchronous moment of Universal Magic. Is it not better to take that risk, to be brave and see where the meteor goes than sit passive and fearful, doubting your worth? Why give time to me, you ask? Why NOT you, my dear one? We are all of the same light and love.  

You were sure 

You were sure 

Be that sure. 


“Moth With the Cinder Wings”

Those who are afraid to speak, 

who hold the most fragile sense of self, 

are often the most beautiful moths at the flame. 

Their wings have been frayed and singed 

by the repeated attempts at escape, 

which to some is interpreted as a sign of weakness. 

However, how is it weak to never give up? 

To, despite the repeated pain, 

the failings and tears, 

continue to aim for that star shining bright

 to keep the dream ignited, 

to not think I CAN’T but only NOT YET. 

That moth with the wings of cinder and soot, 

whose faded exterior may not be the most lovely, 

is a lesson to those who would tear off its wings,

for the cruel desire to cover themselves in the shine of another. 

There is always the promise of light, 

keeping that tiny being from not giving up, 

to instill in it that love, 

the only thing that holds value. 

Though it aches and is ragged, 

and is no butterfly, 

it feels that pull 

to return to the source. 

It would endure a thousand tears, 

a thousand shocks, 

a thousand cries in the night, 

for one small  reminder 

of the light pool again. 

To feel the whole ocean, 

of which it’s a drop. 

But that same bit of lightning, 

that same pull to return, 

to be not in light 

but of light 

to go back to All. 


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