Posted by: Devin | September 25, 2016

Waiting to be Whole

Her teeth are chipped and broken 

From gnawing at the bit

Of a tired, weary life made 

Harder by the hour  

And the postman’s counting letters

Returned to those who sent 

The inked addresses blurry

From the weather and the tears   

And a parcel tied with brown string 

Spilled its contents out

A thousand broken seashells

One for each day they wait 

A cat shrieks down an alleyway

Chased by a lofted rock 

Thrown by a horrid man who 

Harms to gain control  

A candy apple wrapper

And a box of stale popped corn 

Litter the street like fragments 

Of a past she’s never known  

She laces up her boot tight 

And buckles well her belt 

And traces with a thumbnail 

The blood still in her veins  

A streetlamp flickers blindly 

As moths burn powdered wings 

They fall to earth like angels 

Demoted to filthed flesh  

A piano’s plinking sadly 

From a darkened, shuttered bar 

By a man whose heart is longed for 

By a girl across the globe 

Who waits to be made whole


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