Posted by: Devin | June 6, 2016

A little break in your regular photo posts to post something that harkens back to the reason this page began.

Someone recently sent me a pretty emotional message, asking me if I think it’s okay that they still miss Joe, especially as they never met him. However, this is something people periodically message me on here, so I’m sharing my answer.

I don’t expect everyone to read this, but I hope those that do find comfort in these words. I encourage you to comment if you feel compelled to do so.

To all of you, I say yes, it is okay and normal to miss Joe. The human heart, the human capacity to love, surpasses explanation. I didn’t meet Joe, and I never got to see a show of his. Yet I miss him every day, and there are many times I cry when I think of him. I cry selfishly because I didn’t get to meet him, but unselfishly as well, knowing he left people behind and there was so much more he could have done.

When someone shares even a small part of themselves with the world, and Joe shared a lot, we are moved and inspired by that. We look at the world in ways we otherwise may not have. We are moved by his art, by the connections he created, the friends he brought into our lives, and the ripples he left that will never have an end.

We cry not only because we miss him, but because we are made better and feel more alive having discovered him. Some of us have been fans from the beginning, some only became fans recently.

This page began with myself and a dozen fellow fans who desperately needed a place to connect and talk about him whenever we needed to connect with people who would understand. I know this page generally is comprised of photos, but please know, YOU CAN ALWAYS POST TO THIS PAGE IF YOU NEED SOMEONE WHO GETS IT, who doesn’t think it’s weird for you to miss him and still hurt and feel sad. It’s okay. We are here with you. Joe, I feel, would want us to stay together and talk.

I’m just one person, but this page has grown beyond anything I ever thought it would be. There are almost 1,400 of us here now, all affected by him in some way. You don’t have to think we won’t understand or that somehow all of us have moved on and never cry about him. I’m crying as I type this, and there is nothing wrong with that.

As I said, though, the ripples Joe left in this world are without end. There are no limits to his impact and influence.

If you’ve met a friend because of a shared love of Joe, Joe is there.

If you get into a band because they covered a song of he is, he is there.

If you watched a movie because he was in it, then became a fan of the director of that movie, he lives on that way.

If you paint something while thinking of him, he is there in your art.

If you find a flaw within yourself and realize it is okay to be human because Joe was human, he is there.

If you believe his spirit exists, he is everywhere.

So, to answer the person who messaged me, no, you are not alone. Yes, other people miss him every day. No, you do not need to apologize for being influenced by him in such a way.

That is the beautiful thing about Joe’s life: he so loved what he did, and so loved us all, that he shared everything he could. So we WOULD know him, not all of him, but enough. More than enough. And for that, we are all so fortunate.

We are so fortunate, that out of any place, any time, in this entire universe…we get to exist on the same tiny piece of rock around the same speck of a star he existed on. Do you realize how miniscule the chances of that are? Our timelines and places in this universe were HERE. Be that luck or fate, that is something to be grateful for. That isn’t to say it shouldn’t still hurt, but…I hope that helps, in some way, if ever any of you feel alone. He is here, in so many ways.

Thank you, Joe, and I thank you all and hope this offered some comfort to you.

Stay Free, always.


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