Posted by: Devin | April 10, 2016

On the Importance of Tattoos

ANDREA’S SHOWER THOUGHTS, #11,056-On the Importance of Tattoos:

Throughout the duration of my life, my own body is the truest home I will ever know. Wherever I go, there I am. I have seen my darkest depressions and my purest moments of joy.

Being the one thing that is truly, unequivocally mine in this life, why not have tattoos? With all my insecurities and anxieties, my tattoos help me along my path in so many ways.

My tattoos are like road maps, important landmarks that symbolize my journey. Here, right after high school, realizing it is okay to be me. There, a reminder that dreams can become reality if I only let them become so. And there, a life motto to help pick me up whenever I need it.

My skin truly is a canvas. I understand that not everyone will like them, but I hope at least some people can realize why they’re important to me.

They’re like encouragement cards to myself. “Don’t give up! Think of all the wonderful music that will always be there for you.” “Remember when you got this and what things were like at the time? You have come so far and done so many wonderful things.”

My beauty, I have become a living canvas. I am one of my pillars of strength, for I know every bit of every struggle I have ever had…

…and like my tattoos represent as a whole, “I AM STILL ALIVE.”


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