Posted by: Devin | September 16, 2015

Two Strangers Meet On the Book Train

First poem I’ve written in months.

“Two Strangers Meet On the Book Train”
-for B.D. and J.M.H.

I’m lost in the inks…
of the dots…
of the words…
of the travels…
of the poet.

A tree bursts from the page,
its roots in the spine
and its leaves in my hand.

The seeds…
are the flames…
in the darkness of me.

So swept away by the rivers
and railways,
daylight arrives,
the next passenger’s boarded.

Shoulder to shoulder,
same air in our lungs.
The same soot and rhythm,
the same burst of life.

No exchanged whispers…
no breaking of glass…
just living in silence…
content in the knowing.


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