Posted by: Devin | August 10, 2015

The Library at Mount Char – Book Review

At last, a breath of fresh air appears in the much-trodden worlds of fantasy and horror. The Library at Mount Char, the debut novel by Scott Hawkins, is one of the most original novels I have had the pleasure of reading in years.

To describe the plot of this convoluted, intensely readable novel would be to give away much of its magic. This is a book that it is best to go into as in the dark as possible, so all the magic and weirdness that happens will hit you out if nowhere.

What I can say is this. The plot involves a mysterious, cult leader type character referred to only as Father, his library of magical secrets, and his “children,” each chosen to master a skill. These skills include communication with animals to raising the dead,which I assure you lead to several memorable, strange scenes that will shock and intrigue you.

Over the course of the book, Father disappears and his children cannot gain access to his mystical library. Whoever is able to breach the magic guarding it will gain access to powers and knowledge that will make the possessor able to take over life, death, and the world.

This book also received a stamp of approval from fantasy legend Neil Gaiman, and it’s easy to see why he enjoyed this.

If you’re sick of all the cookie cutter fantasy and horror novels of late, pick this one up. You will be so glad you did.



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