Posted by: Devin | January 1, 2015

New Little Wonders

from the depths of despair
the never will I see you agains
the how will I ever tell what you meants
the if only I hads
I shouldn’t haves
why didn’t I
couldn’t I
what could I have dones
I thought I had lost you
a star that had fallen
and the only wish I could make upon it
was for it to be picked up
put back in its place
reattached like velcro
and, like velcro, perhaps a bit frayed
not so new anymore
but still back up in that sky, shining
where I could still enjoy its comfort and glow

everything had fallen
when I thought that you had
I didn’t know
couldn’t know
only knew that I missed you
and loved you
even more than before

then, through the love of a friend,
a supernova between us
the most beautiful words I have ever heard
that you were safe
that you were alive

and time passed…
finally I saw you
held you again
and time was erased
still the smudges visible
but back like time had stopped
the laughter and madness
the flailing and hugs
never ending

nothing else matters but this moment
the past helps shape us but it is not solely who we are
we are more than that
the complexities immeasurable
and together we fight
through the darkness, over the rockscapes
past the buzzards and death
and we stand, fingers intertwined
steadying one another with love

we fight with composure
we scream and we shriek
the tears we let weepen
and smiles we let beam

for each casts a shadow over
the scuffs and the scars
and we make new memories
to ease down the old
with new little wonders
new castles of self

what was lost is now found
what was dark has been brightened
the ember has now lit
with love, it won’t die


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