Posted by: Devin | December 20, 2014

Mini Paint Dump


Haven’t posted in a little bit, so mini painting pic dump.

Someone commissioned me to paint Tori Amos, and they paid me a LOT. I still have no idea how to do hair, and I came so close to giving up painting altogether. The first painting is but one attempt out of thirteen.


From there, and after failed Tori attempt after failed Tori attempt, I went to do a Joe portrait because I’m more familiar with his face. A few things on this need slight tweaking, so I’ll try it again. The photographer, who asked to remain anonymous, wants it. 😀


Decided screw it, I’ll do hair MY way. I don’t hate this, and neither does the person who it’s going to. My friend told me to remember that I shouldn’t focus on my art being not the same as the original photos, cuz the imperfections are what make the art ART.


Then I did a 30 minute speed painting to release some stress. Of course it isn’t finished, but I learned a lot from this exercise. I am more happy with this quick paint sketch than I am with almost every serious attempt I try to make. It’s because I painted for fun, took risks, wasn’t trying to be perfect. Definitely going to be doing things like that again.


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