Posted by: Devin | November 17, 2014

Deep Thoughts After Strummer Jumps a Couch

THIS IS WHY I LOVE JOE STRUMMER, PEOPLE. And why he still matters. I just saw him jump over a damned couch and get really into his boombox, and I had this big jumble of thoughts…

This isn’t just about him, though, I just had this HUGE epiphany about how I’ll never be famous and never affect a lot of people’s lives…and if all you ever do is see my cat photos and gushing about great music…read this, I feel it gives some depth to me…

I was watching the above interview, and at 01:40 (where it should start to play), Joe jumps over the couch and gets really into some music playing on his ever-present boombox. I felt this wave of, “man, it’s been twelve years, and he’s still affecting people SO much that it’s ridiculous.” He is the only “famous” person whose death has ever truly hit me hard. I still cry a few times a month about him, sometimes more.

Anyway, I was just thinking about how the best that most of us can hope for is that we will affect SOMEONE. One person whose life we are able to better by their having known us. As humans, we are so small that it is exceptionally rare to leave such a lingering set of ripples for years after we pass on.

But then, following that, thinking of Joe, I thought, “but isn’t that enough? Isn’t changing ONE PERSON’S life enough?” It has to be. We can’t be selfish and expect to all become rock stars. And I truly believe in the ripple effect, or butterfly effect, if you prefer that term.

I may never be in a big, famous band, but maybe someday I will simply smile at someone and save their life. I may never know. I may never see that person again, but through one small, insignificant act on my part…I may change one person for the better. I maybe already have saved someone. I will never know, and that has to be okay.

If I just live to the best of my abilities, through all the stresses and financial difficulties…taking the time to maybe hold a door for someone, or pay for someone’s coffee, or hide a painting of mine on a bulletin board somewhere…maybe I will be a rock star of sorts.

We are all, after all, made of star stuff. We all have a light within us that is capable of beautiful things. We may only be remembered by name for a few years after we depart this earth, but through the course of our lives and the choices we make, we will impact multitudes we could never fathom.

These are the deep thoughts that make me cry and feel alive. All I did was see Joe jump over a couch and get excited about some music…and from there, I thought, “I will never be remembered as long as him”…to…realizing that’s okay. I don’t need to be. As long as I make a positive difference in someone else’s life…maybe more than one person’s…their lives will change due to the ripples I set in motion.

Thank you, Joe. I know you know.

And thank you, Self.


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