Posted by: Devin | August 9, 2014

Art Journal Mishaps #20

Commissioned piece of Nick Cave and PJ Harvey.


For shits and giggles. Step 1 is the most painful, 2 is most frustrating (you have to take artistic liberties to make things not look weird, and as someone new art this, that’s a challenge). 3 is the most fun and messy.


So far, stencil art is helping me gain confidence, see light and dark shapes that make up faces, and make messes. So far, so good.

I think in a week or two I’ll try what I’m sure will be horrid (yet necessary missteps) freehand portraits. Similar style, sticking with two colors, but no printed help. I’ll still make stencils cuz I love them, but my dream is to be able to paint by seeing the shapes I need to make in my mind.

Right now, it’s like using a coloring book, and I want to be able to learn and grow and start with a blank page. Scary.



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