Posted by: Devin | July 8, 2014

Art Mishaps Fundraiser!


Because money is pretty much non-existent for us at the moment (I’m applying for jobs now), and because I need creative inspiration, I’m gonna try this art thing (thank you, Allison Anne). 

If any of you would like to help out a me in need, and get some weird art in the process, let me know! You’d have to pay shipping, but yes. Whatever amount you deem appropriate, with a vague idea at least of what you’d be interested in. 

I’ve been combining watercolors, paint, messes, cut-out photos, pill bottles, etc. 

I CANNOT GUARANTEE THIS WILL BE AWESOME, as I have no clue what I’m doing. If you hate what I come up with, I will refund your money. 

Just if interested, leave a comment or email


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