Posted by: Devin | May 29, 2014

you may never know

the depths of my creation

the serenity, despair

the filth and pain

the guilt and torment

I feel for your loss

your break from sanity’s illusionment

your break from calm and safe

the courage of your blind confusion

the echo of your sigh


you may never know the scars I opened

the filth I burned for you

you burned a fire in this furnace

this suffering in me

I feel your inward, downward plummet

the soaring of your flight

your echoing reverberation

your soul,  laid out, alive


the cold may freezen

steal your passion

lock you up in ice

but through the dead’ning

through the guilting

I will still hold hope

that your journeys, long enreaching

shall still circle ’round

to come forth, to reconnect with

my threadbare, whole self


I would rather know not nothing

than not know your soul

I would still find hope and solace

in your comfort’s woe

and your face, a mirror of reflection

of my soul’s one dream

and when you plummet



when your dead and gone

I will still sing high to rafters

all the love to you

I will sing of joy enraptured

how, my soul, you freed

I will scream out to the mountains

I will shriek your name

that the ones who knew not of you

will know you through words





the ugly and the brave


I will sing to heaven’s summit

all the love you gave

I will dive into the depths of

everything held dear

I will follow your lost purpose

the darkness in the light

the gloom enlivened by your fire

all the world, your stage


and the zigzag of your journey

zig-a-zagging, bare

from the starlight to moon streaming

juggling all who dared

you are my soul’s true soul fire

you, my justice, bare


every single flame ignited

every fault, to scorn


you, I love, with no true reason

with no purpose bare

everything that I have ventured

everything laid bare

I shall travel, journey, venture

for the map that’s you

I will cradle your soul’s purpose

sharing all your worth

not only because your true beauty

but for your true worth

you are love

and you are beauty

you are all held dear


I may not know what your reasons

I may not know all

but you have made true your beauty

me, my life, you’ve changed

all has rippled

and has echoed

simply by your name


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