Posted by: Devin | May 27, 2014

If I Never See You Again

If I never see you again 
If I never again feel your warmth
If a thousand days slip into their nights 
And I never again hear your voice 

If I never again see the joy of your smile 
If I never again taste your lips
If distance is kept like a wall that’s between us
And I never again feel your breath 

May I at least find some comfort, some peace in knowing
That your life’s become as you wished 

May I know you are happy 
Still affecting others 
Spreading your light in this world 

May you know you are loved 
That you mattered and still do 
For all of time may you know 
That somewhere out there 
A life has been altered 
By your simply being alive 

May you always know there are hearts beating for you… 

Made better by loving 
Made better by living 
The universe that is you


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