Posted by: Devin | February 7, 2014

Untitled poems

Everything becomes a ruse
When you’re running from reflections
Nothing forward
Only backwards
The quiet rush of loss
Of dignity
And honesty
Replaced by cold deceit


Remember the forgetting
The effort to move on
Despite the knowing

The imminent demise
Of good
Of whole
Of some dull meaning
The fragments of lost joy

Now frozen
Shards encasing
A frame of spiderwebs


Something crept closer
Shadowed by smold’ring smoke
A gleam, a flash
Of teeth gone rotting
Fanged and hairy, mad
The swollen belly
Hunger’s child
Pregnant with disease
Kept in secret
Shackled, tortured
Rusted up in blood
And breath of vultures
Bones of powder
A prescence lived in past


Do not envision gleaming towers
Built to withstand time
Nor imagine love and laughter
Without first the tears
Of dusty magic
Crippled gallows


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