Posted by: Devin | January 23, 2014

The Better Shower (rough)

Hold me still here walls and ceilings shake. Then turning up the furnace. I just wanted a little glass of water. But my back is so sore from boom boom boomboom gestapo boots they are coming back! bring it down! Hide it, maybe they won’t see…

Hazy consciousness coming back
Of a dark, dank box and a match and…

Now in here at night no talking, just blood on the wood, soaking in the wood, even wood in the pillows.
Hear me say one time before they chop the gallows.
We better find a better way to get out of here.

Come dreaded daylight, we’re not gone, and the blood points straight at who’s been twisted.
March go the ones with the guns in charge
and BAMBAM go those boots on bare feet.

We trace our names on torn paper and he reads… A part of it…

But it’s in,
it’s all in,
all in, in another language
One we do not know

And the handshandshands,
The same human hands that I have,
just two human hands.
They shackle then one yells

We are led and then we fight
and we fight..
And curse at our brethren
To get the better shower
we were promised we’d be clean


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