Posted by: Devin | June 9, 2013

Asleep, awake (inspired by and written for Colin)

In the mourning of his voyage 
As he sadly unfurled the sails 
And a wind whipped round about him 
I sensed the changes there 

A man just proud not prideful 
Not guilty, he just gets what’s his 
His mind is open like the ocean
full of Fishes jumping thoughts 

He’s arranged the reins for stabled mares
To ride off past the mists
shackles that’d scarred slaves once
Were melted into tools 
To make the most good from the bitter Ragged in his soul 

He’ll tear leather, fix the shoe soles,
Find a port and flee
Somewhere where the magic glistens
And a shadow ‘s crossed his name 
A get-gone evermore 
Where he can float upon the air 
There to be patient, and at peace there, when he’s made his head his home

And folks will see him levitate
In his Zen – like deep slumber 
And bemoan his horrid plight
but He smiles, winks, within 
For the keys and doors they think he’s lost
He’s opened down inside
And freed from mortal man’ s cold living 
He floats, asleep, awake


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