Posted by: Devin | May 20, 2013

Your mind is your fortress

Unedited, with terrible (as in, zero) formatting. For my friend Laura, and for me.


Never stop writing. Write because it heals because it is in you because it is your soul and your energy. Do not write for the ears of others to do so is stifling. Write when they listen and write when they don’t. Write when no one hears your screams and when no one wants to understand your words. Write as a whirlpool of words spirals out of control. Know the only measure of worth in a writer is whether they are true to themselves and did not hold back. Write for the frustration the anger the tears and the madness and ache that keeps you up at night. People will shut you down shut you out, use these to light the fuse. The only artist who fails is the one who never tries and believes the opinions of others actually matter. Your mind is your fortress and anyone who does not understand has simply drowned in the moat because they were too blind and dumb to see the gate lowered for them to cross.


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