Posted by: Devin | April 19, 2013

Star Dancing

Extremely rough poem. Will edit eventually.


all over, anew, pain reopened

scar is bleeding fresh

i can’t erase, can’t unremember,

ragged, bitter, bare


the flag has flown, admit defeat now

but i can’t forget

your name, your face, and every shadow

falling ‘cross your form


the voice that’s heard despite the distance

tangible and close

but far enough to never feel

the touch of fingertips


the warm breath of contented sighing

you’re too far to hear

it feels unfeeling, feels too frozen

but something must be there

for even though I don’t expect it

your energy’s still near


beneath the ashes and destruction

through the blinding gloom

somehow, that grin of smirking beauty

persists through time and space


the loneliness unshifting…

the stifled pull of tears

pulling, pushing, overwhelming

I scream-think your name


and you, the one who has no shadow

no arms which can enfold

strum a chord within my madness

bring me back again

back upon my feet, though dirtied

dusty, slightly dazed

a tug-pull-comfort

static lovewave

when everything is hell

a beacon, light source, silent comfort

a hand held with pure mind


heavied, weighted, burdened, insane

is it mad that I believe

if so, then the world be my chamber

and you, the key to flee

the things which keep me chained and silenced

together we will fly

light and laughter, soul and body

dancing through the stars


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