Posted by: Devin | March 25, 2013

Map of the Sky Quotes

Just finished Félix J. Palma’s second book in The Map of… trilogy. Whereas I loved The Map of Time, The Map of the Sky was absolutely dull. NOT recommended (but The Map of the Time, yes!).

That being said, there were a few quotes I liked.
“The saddest thing in the world is to see a man die wearing the forlorn expression of someone who has failed to fulfill his dreams.”

“An artist is simply a man who is pulled along by a river: on one side sanity lies, and on the other madness, yet he will find no peace on either, as the current of his art drags him away from the everyday life on its banks, where others watch, unable to help him, until he reaches the immensity of the ocean.”

“…good, generous souls would suffer for no apparent reason. This and this alone was what made the world a truly terrifying place.”

“Man needed to dream. Yes, he needed to believe in illusions, to aspire to something more than the miserable, hostile life that suffocated him.”

“Wasn’t that what growing up was all about? A progressive blindness to the evidence of magic dotted about the world, which only children and dreamers are able to glimpse.”

“When the stupidity of others is the only thing that amuses one, then it is only good manners to laugh to oneself.”

“I see no reason not to enjoy the native customs before wiping them out.” -The Envoy

“They wage war on one another, they commit atrocities, they kill in the name of absurd idealogies and invent vengeful gods to soothe the pain of their loneliness.”

“Their lack of imagination was an excellent insurance against life’s many disappointments.”

“The most terrifying thing is sometimes not what we see, but rather what we are forced to imagine.”

“Where do undreamt dreams go?”

“Once you have accepted that there are things in this world that have no explanation, you will be able to believe that the impossible is possible.”

“I assure you my sacrum is perfectly normal.”

“How could she have died without his sensing it physically, or without the universe having made him aware of it? And shouldn’t sacred love be like a spider’s web that not only encircled them but, with a tremor of its threads, informed each of them when the other had abandoned the web?”

“When a star dies, the light from it goes on traveling through space for thousands and thousands of years? The universe remembers for a very long time whatever dies, but it doesn’t grieve. It is natural for things to die.”

“Paths we choose don’t always take us where we want to go. Sometimes they take us where we need to go.”

“…believing ourselves to be the masters of something whose dimensions exceed our imagination.”

“In order for Man to understand horrror he has to contain it within familiar, nearby borders.”

“There we were on our insignificant planet, caught up in our wars, boasting of our achievements, completely oblivious to the majesty of the Cosmos or the conflicts that convulsed it.”

“The only freedom to which Man could now aspire: that of deciding whether he wanted to go on living.”

“There are other, more subtle ways of being a hero. It is not heroic to make a dying man dream of a better world.”

“Writers perform an extremely important role: they make others dream, those who are unable to dream for themselves.”


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