Posted by: Devin | February 23, 2013

The Map of Time Quotes

Just finished Felix J. Palma’s The Map of Time. I absolutely LOVED it. It had H.G. Wells, time travel, love, mysteries, conspiracies, Jack the Ripper, introspective thoughts, and was one of the most lovely, unique books I have ever read.  And it’s part of a trilogy! The Map of Time: inspired by Wells’ The Time Machine; The Map of the Sky: inspired by War of the Worlds; untitled/being written: inspired by The Invisible Man.


“…as an unsophisticated soul, his only way of showing off his importance was to buy a lot of expensive and useless objects.”

“…the passage of time, which transformed the volatile present into that finished, unalterable painting called the past, a canvas man always executed blindly, with erratic brushstrokes that only made sense when one stepped far enough away from it to be able to admire it as a whole.”

“…nature’s flawed perfection…”

“Evil and common sense rarely go hand in hand.”

“All artistic endeavors were by and large a mixture of effort and imagination, the embodiment of a solitary endeavor, of a sometimes long-nurtured dream, when they were not a desperate bid to give life meaning.”

“If Merrick had built that cardboard church with his deformed hands, what might not he, Wells, be capable of–he who was only prevented from doing whatever he wanted by his own lack of self-belief?”

“Have you ever wondered what makes men act responsibly? I’ll tell you; they only have one go at things. If we had machines that allowed us to correct all our mistakes, even the most foolish ones, we would live in a world of irresponsible people.”

“What if, like a magician’s box, the world had a false bottom and continued beyond the point where his senses told him it stopped? This as the same as asking whether roses kept their colors when there was no one to admire them.”

“Each man’s life forms part of a vast tapestry, woven together with those of countless other souls keen to judge his actions not only to his face but behind his back, so that only if he considers the world around him a backdrop with puppets which stop moving when he goes to sleep can he accept that his life has been exactly as he tells it. Otherwise, moments before he breathes his last, he will have to resign himself to the fact that his understanding of his own life must of necessity be only vague, fanciful, and uncertain, that there are things that affected him, for good or bad, which he will never know about.”

“You used your imagination to save a man’s life.”

“We are the authors of our own fate–we write it each day with every one of our actions.”

“Man, that creature who dreamed, aspired, yearned for immortality while wondering why he had been put on earth.”

“The orchestra of life would carry on playing without him, because in reality his part had never been important to the score.”

“Wells was one of those writers who detest writing but love ‘having written’.”

“If Wells recognized any merit in James, it was his undeniable talent for using very long sentences in order to say nothing at all.”

“Sometimes the best way to find out what we want is to choose what we do not want.”

“There were dangerous stories, stories that resisted being inhabited, and stories that pulled you apart while you were writing them, or, what was worse, fine-looking clothes fit for a emperor that turned out to be rags.”

“True literature should rouse the reader, unsettle him, change his view of the world, give him a resolute push over the cliff of self-knowledge.”


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