Posted by: Devin | February 6, 2013

your fortress is but a calling

The day was darkened and the silence stood loudly ‘midst the solace of encumbrence and we all stood at the ready, waiting for something, for someone, we knew not who, just something, some sort of life force, to set fire to our wills, to give us that input, that ignition of souls, to place us in the fire-sight, in the line of defense, and we crawled and we fondled that which was deemed inappropriate

and the feminine-ish figure, that lady we sought to love – she remembered out name and kept cradled to heart – all that we’d told her – all those years ago, how could she remember, I know not how, but the thankfulness – rapture – I felt like a claw – and I sought to erase – all who didn’t see – the beauty, the rapture, the magnificence there – and I fell and I cried – tears – though I am a stone

she looked in my eyes – and I knew this was real – she was someone sublime, a soul to be true and loved – the reason, at least partly – for still being here – my voice, unheard, whispered – her calls reminisced – all the times we had torment – the tears woven under

she’d prevailed – giv’n solace – and the beckoning silence – cradled the flag – and I lost count – of how many times – she sought my whispered scream – and I cradled her tears – ‘neath the quakening solace – of that which is not

this fear and this rapture – this madness, sublime – I felt naught the know-how, this quakening truth

just steadfast and growing – the tree without roots – the fortitudes growing – the rats growing fierce

do I think you a saint, no, I would not, never

just a passionate solace – for those who have fled – from the dismal – abysmal – the rage and the filth

and now I feel pleasure – where before was nothing

feel empty, no, I’m filled, with love and with the light

of everything growing – from empty to filling

and all that I bled became part of foundations

now rapture, yes, rapture

stand tall and unfearing


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