Posted by: Devin | January 23, 2013

Long Forgotten, Twice Remembered

succulent shadows in the tombs of neverdones
sickening their grieving, white widows tumble down
forgotten but still feeling
through the years and through the times
pages frayed and twistes
opulence descends
and a wealthy, ragged gypsy circle
gathers close to kneel
before the mason’s chambers
where the fortress tumbled down
and sinkening the cravings forward
beckoning the tears
long forgotten, twice remembered
ever slinking sounds
dust and dagger
pill and capsule
felt the swaying tears
blossoming among the boulders
flowers through the grime
and a whistling song
of grief that’s breaking
down, down, courage freed
ever listening for the flapping
for those wings that bleed
before a mortal missteps, soils
angels’ lofty lairs

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