Posted by: Devin | January 14, 2013

Rock Again

in the city of sin and madness

hear the chords call out your name

and the lightbeams in the ceiling

reflect upon your soul

giving radiance and meaning

to the things we shan’t forget

in a time encapsulated

and a journey free, unmapped

we long to feel the passions

of the life that you have lived

and when we stretch out our bent wings

and tread where you have soared

it’s a steadfast reminder

to embrace life and its flaws

no repentance

no apologies

for the life that we will live

without fear, without nerves wracking

we fly for you, my dear

and the tears upon our pillows

and the sobs within our pens

flow freely from out heartstrings

from our roots out through our cores

you’re a living, true reminder

of the way a soul can fly

you took what I had believed

and shocked it through and through

pierced me with lovemagic

with the notes of eternity

that voice, that name, that solace

brings the rapture of my days

I don’t need heaven when life’s this good

when the breath brings nourishment

and inspiration’s pounding

through the veins, erasing scars

your beauty and your vision

thread pieces into wholes

comfort ragged lifeforce

imperfection’s not a fault

and I feel despite the numbness

life beseeches me

I skip, I jump, I feel wind

in the motion of the stars

and your spirit beckons

to comfort and renew


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