Posted by: Devin | January 4, 2013

Counter-Clock World Quotes

From the book by Philip K. Dick.

“Just because the old-borners can’t remember doesn’t mean nothing happened; like a lot of times in the morning I know I’ve dreamed like hell all night but I can’t remember a damn thing about them, not anything at all.”

“The dead shall live…the living die. And music shall untune the sky.”

“Evil is simply a lesser reality, a ring farther from Him. It’s the lack of absolute reality, not the presence of an evil deity. So there’s no dualism, no evil, no satan. Evil is an illusion like decay.”

“Once impressed, the form is eternal–it’s just that it undergoes a constant evolution, so that we can’t perceive the form. The way, for instance, the child appears into the man…”

“‘Maybe…what spoke to me consisted of a part of my own mind.’ He would probably never know. Perhaps it didn’t matter.”

“…as through a glass clearly…”


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