Posted by: Devin | December 19, 2012

The Spark Lit By Your Fuse

For J.G.M.


we’ve muffled the drums

and we’ve ushered in the new century

everything’s revolved around

even without you here

or does your spirit dance

upon the foundations of our freedom

the notes of inspirations, dreams

you brought the colour to this world

and the energy to this place so numb

our bricks and mortar tremble

beneath the quake of what you gave

the ramshackled music

and freedoms left to linger on

longer after you had flown

let us raise the flags and banners

let us open up our hearts

let the ink flow from our pens

and the love pour from our souls

as a testament of beauty

the beauty that is you

we stand among the wreckage

and we cry upon the seas

and we reach down deep for inspirations

that bloom a decade on

will you hear our words and read our longings

will you grace us with your joy

everything’s gone reckless

and consumed by disarray

our pieces don’t fit quite so well

as they did when you were near

but we build and sculpt and change our bound’ries

and long to live your words

influence all the souls lost, hurting

to inspire and amaze

your energy reverberates aplenty

it resounds and echoes here

through the chaos, disarray

the love, creation, inspiration

we feel you soaring in the breeze

and this week that we are dreading

the day that tears will shed

will be another win for all that is good

all that’s alive and true

imperfections, there are plenty

but the love combats the rest

and the feelings of the touched and moved

build skyscrapers…

build towers ‘cuz of you

the voice of generations

the love of a kind soul

a connection through the years

the space of past and future

we give to you our word

that we will never flee from

the feelings deep within

we’ll let free the wonders

of our buried selves

and wave the flag of freedom

and create…create…create

thank you for your time spent here

the feathers fall around

a melancholy happiness

a dream, woke up too soon

yet the static stays and lingers

and the love extends and grows

oh, won’t you help me sing

these songs of freedom

‘cuz all I ever had

was the spark lit by your fuse


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