Posted by: Devin | December 19, 2012

The Pain in Inspiration

For J.G.M.

Feet are cold and mouth is numb

with the misspent days of youth

if I could, I’d bring you back to life

but would that be selfish if I did

just to see you and to feel you

to breathe in a room with you


would it be wrong if I chose to give up

someone else’s life to have you back

you’re here…but then…you’re not here

everything seems blank without your face

that grin, that voice, that laughter missing

for all these countless days


I didn’t know just what we had

until it was wiped away

why does it hurt so bad to feel so deeply

although I feel your presence near


I’m sorry for the days not given

for the breaths stolen away

I’ll try to make it up somehow

to make the short life worth the price


to be moved in such a way’s unnerving

but I endure this anguish freely

I shoulder all the heaviness here

and get lost in your words


a tingle of a touch near

some small thing I can’t explain

I may be crazy

may be tragic

but I’ll shoulder such things

to be lost in this energy

to feel something bigger than here


and tears

the tears

how can this pain exist

for something ne’er encountered

for a soul I never touched

you radiate with a spark of wings

and you free me from these chains

redemption, ohhhh, redemption

inspiration’s worth this pain


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