Posted by: Devin | December 17, 2012

Crying for Joe is Not a Bad Thing

I totally love that Joe Strummer still has this effect on people and that they are still so moved ten years after he’s passed on. I keep trying to celebrate, and shall continue to do so, but man, the outpouring of love is profound. It makes me want to cry and gets me so choked up.

I’m sure I WILL cry on the 22nd, and that’s okay. Celebrations of life can have tears. Every thing this man gave us is a priceless gift. Our world was changed by this man. I know my life is for the better because he graced us for the little time he had.

His words still leave me speechless, and I moved even further by the amazing love of his friends and fans. I just tried reading a list of celebrity eulogies composed after he passed, and I couldn’t do it. They were just too beautiful. I couldn’t take that much love at one time.

I never had the fortune to meet Joe, but he left so much in this world that his presence is very much still tangible. You read/hear people who did meet him sharing stories about how great a guy he was, and you KNOW it’s the truth. Every smiling photo, every interview, every poem he wrote, every performance he put on…was real. Was him laying himself open for us, take it or leave it. And we took it, and were and are more complete in so doing.

Okay…now I’m crying. If there’s a man worth crying tears of gratitude, love, and remembrance for, it’s Joe. I have been caught up in, “I won’t be sad,” that I forgot crying is okay. Doesn’t mean it is because you are totally sad (though of course that is in me as well), but you can cry because someone’s art/life/etc. means so much to you. Because you’re thankful and it is indescribable to me that someone can have this effect on not only me, but COUNTLESS people all over the world as well.

Tears are the physical manifestations of the deep impact and (I say it again) profound impact someone has had on you. Crying means something or someone is important enough to you that your body can’t contain everything inside. That isn’t bad: that is BEAUTIFUL. And I am thankful for and awed by the fact that someone and their creations can have this effect on me. It makes me feel alive.





  1. spot on Ms Strummer!

    • Aww, Cameron, you rock! Thank you. 🙂

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