Posted by: Devin | December 17, 2012

Fellow Poets Make My Life Meaningful

Do any of you who read my poems have a writing blog of your own? If so, please let me know so I can check out YOUR writings and thoughts and possibly get you added to my blogroll. 🙂

Thank you, everyone, so much. Each time I see “likes” on something I’ve written, it makes my day. Woohoo!

FURTHERMORE, if any of you have a book (published, self-published, pages stapled together), I would LOVE to do a poetry trade with you! I have my new one and would love to swap words. Comment to let me know!

Lastly, I am trying to muster up the courage to post some VIDEOS of me reading my poems. I don’t go to poetry readings, largely because of social anxiety and fear, but I figure posting video readings might be good. Terrifying, but good.

( is the new book)


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