Posted by: Devin | December 7, 2012

ticktock, ticktock

like a severed wire, contact eliminated

the distance between yawns bigger

how long can this silence keep going?

though it is not really the silence I fear,

but the unspoken torment it hides

why can’t I be there

repair and comfort

the clock keeps its time, but it’s all the same

ticktock, ticktock, the hands make their slow rounds

as I try to remember your voice

I thought you were so strong

I’d always admired you

how could I not have known you were breaking

ticktock, ticktock

fill the void with what I can

but nothing is worth losing you

is it selfish to want you to stay if you’re hurting?

I try to stay strong for your sake

but do you even know that I’m caring

that I’m loving and hoping

that I’ll see you smile again

all the things that have hurt me

I’ve been so lucky

to never feel pain quite like yours

do you know that I love you

do you know just how much

how I check for a message each day

that rush of anxiety

as I login to the screen where

your name refuses to glow

ticktock, ticktock

I’ll be here waiting

forever if that’s what it takes


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