Posted by: Devin | December 5, 2012

The Blue Girl

She wore blue ribbons in her hair,
every day without fail.
We called her The Blue Girl,
and she never smiled.
Just sat in her window,
watching the world turn around her.

We all wondered…
…why wasn’t that girl in school?
…was she sick?
…was she a prisoner?

We all had our own stories.
Some thought she was a child bride.
Others thought she’d been kidnapped.
And a striking number of us believed
she’d gone insane,
and was locked in her room
for the safety of others.

Me, I had my theory,
but kept it to myself.

I thought it most likely
that she quietly kept her watch
out the window as some kind of test.

How long would it take
for us to stop wond’ring,
and simply look up
at her blue face and wave?


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