Posted by: Devin | December 5, 2012

Snapshot of a Writer’s World

A brown coffee ring atop a stack of papers

beside an old manual typewriter.

It’s got keys that stick

and something inside rattles

but the way it helps create

is something quite sublime.


An empty flask that held cheap vodka,

            and an ashtray full of butts,

            one still smoking,

            as though the writer might return.


The complete Bukowski,

            the entire works of Jarmusch,

            Tom Waits on musty vinyl.


A wastepaper basket overflowing

            with discarded thoughts and dreams;

            lives left unfinished, worlds uncreated.


Suddenly, a cat leaps up to swipe

            at the typewritten page

            upon which is writ a curious line –

            “all things move toward their end.”


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