Posted by: Devin | December 5, 2012

Death of a Marionette

She stumbled in
She was wasted
It was amazing that she could stand up
But soon she had fallen
And hardly was moving
She was a marionette with half its strings cut

She’d drunk half a bottle
Still she was thirsty
For something to blur life away
We tried not to panic
She seemed to be fading
Her lips moved with nothing to say

She slumped in a pile
Someone took pictures
And laughed at the wreck she’d become
I broke the camera
And punched out the one who
Thought her disease was fun

It could’ve been me
It could’ve been you
But it was a tramp with ripped up clothes
So what did it matter
If she got walked on
And trampled to bits upon the floor

When she awakened
Her body was bruising
And we’d all seen her naked and prone
She picked up her bottle
And staggered away
Left by herself, alone

The party was over
And the bottle was empty
And she didn’t have money for more
So she sold out her body
Got beaten and bloodied
And went to the liquor store

She drank up
And fell down
She couldn’t see and couldn’t stand
She was used up
And washed out
And slept where her body would land

Everyone knew her
But nobody saw
The marionette with her twisted-up lines
And she died with her bottle
And no one to claim her
The heartless all laughed when she died


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