Posted by: Devin | December 5, 2012

A Sickness Beyond Reason

my love has succumbed
to a sickness beyond reason
something I can’t relate to
something far, so far from me
I cradle you close to my heart and
feel the flutters of your broke wings
and the tears that you are shedding
hot yet freezing cold upon me

what’s it take to pick you up

and carry you over the wreckage
of the trials and the torture
and the madness you gave in to
darling, please, I beg, forgive me
for what I’m ’bout to do here
I only do it cuz I love you
want you strong and want you free

the shivers and the shakes
and lonely wretched sighs
wash over, under, through you
as I hold your aching body
in this bathtub where your tears
mingle with the soap scum
and the blood
that has been shed
because you’re too weak not to use

and I am much too scared to
do what I must do
to pick it up
to make a call
for fear that anger might consume you
make this damned addiction worse
so I sit with you in this shower
as the freezing water pours down
praying that it will somehow cure you
and make you live again

so for now I’ll hold you closer
place your head upon my shoulder
let your tears pour down upon me
kiss your temple as you’re shaking
and hope, and pray, and wait


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