Posted by: Devin | December 5, 2012

A Poem for Drunk Cats

sunlit Saturdays
and an icy cold shower
electricity’s cut off
couldn’t make the payments
and an old man, suspendered
comes up on my porch steps
berating my life cuz
I can’t pay the mortgage
“what the hell’s wrong with you?!”
he cries
as I shuffle my footsteps
on the welcome mat
I have nothing to show
for the life I have lived here
just the bills made in my name
nothing promising
nothing gained
this small, stale apartment
the cobwebs in the corners
the framed portraits of success
the books on the cramped shelves
time will not let me read
and the clothes
I have no time for washing
‘cuz my time is wasted
on all the shit movies
time will never allow
me to finish viewing
and the empty bottles
that clank in the dumpster
make me seem a drunkard
‘cuz I have no time for
wasting on parties
social visits
I sit here, alone
and that is
just fine
with me
cuz the only comp’ny I need
is me and my own self
and my cat who is shedding
too many of her hairs
upon my pillow
but still she is better
than any person I could meet


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