Posted by: Devin | December 5, 2012

A Drunk’s Heart of Dust

well, I’m walkin’ on home
kicking dust with my shoes
the holes in the bottom
like the hole in my heart
filled up with nothing
just a shadow, that’s all
I turn to the left
read the sign
and enter the bar
it’s only four p.m.
but the place is full
of alkies and wand’rers
with their bags upon the floor
I take my place on a stool
order up a whiskey
and open my tattered bag
’cause it’s all that I possess
a horseshoe from the pony
I had as a kid
a scrap of the flag
my dad died for in war
a hairbrush that still smells like her shampoo
and a picture that’s fallen into mud
the faces are dirty
but they’re still the same
and when I drink
their voices come back to me
my children and wife
brings them to life
before this drunken heart
crumbled to dust in wind


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