Posted by: Devin | December 4, 2012

Waterfalls for Dreams

the silence took a nosedive

to the realm of no return

should’ve packed your battery

‘cuz you don’t want to die


now you’ve seen and heard the wreckage

of a million souls that bleed

got a grotto for your torment

waterfalls for dreams

got a lousy little quicksand trapping

snatching at the seams


and the solidness goes flying past

in a whirl of sand and soot

and a scream that echoes silently

reverberates ’round here


be wary of your solitude

be careful of your fears

and ground yourself in mem’ries when

your mind is tricking you



I saw you

on a veranda in the sun

and you looked a fitful shadow there

lost in all your fears


when was the time for

healing all these scars

it’s too late now; it’s over

and the sandstorm swallows you



  1. Ok wait, maybe THIS one’s my favorite now…

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