Posted by: Devin | December 4, 2012

Faith in Intuition

I never asked to meet you

I never thought I could

Gone for too long to feel in substance

A memory and that’s all

Just a name and some of your creations

to keep your life alive

and I dreamt of hills

of grass and flowers

and a tree with branches bare

I reached the top and found a whole world

I thought just couldn’t be

A voice, a face, a touch and whisper

Realer than a dream

You took my beliefs

my foundations

and crumbled them apart

and built a whole world

I’d writ off as

a world of the naive

but what I felt

and what you told me

were realer than this world

bigger than all I have witnessed

I never thought I’d live

to have my viewpoints

and my whole soul

turned ’round and around

you took me places

showed me wonders

and called me Dancing Light

I tried to fight it

tried to hide it

but reality is this

I don’t know what

or how

or whyfore

I just know that I believe

in your comfort

and your love and

that is real to me

so I place my faith in intuition

and thank you for your love

for all you teach me

all you give me

for opening my world


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