Posted by: Devin | December 4, 2012

Embrace the Fear

–for Laura–

he crossed the mountains on foot;

there was no other way

too steep and cragged for the horses

too narrow for a sled

he couldn’t fly there if he wanted

so he got bold and left

just the leather on his sore soles

the fur scarfed ’round his head

it took him plenty of ambition

to battle through his doubts

and shun away the haunting demons

ambushing from all sides

with a fiery furnace, inward burning

and an armor in his soul

he took the rough road,

like that poem

to see what could be found

his soul lay bleeding

feet were fearful

mind in disarray

but he kept some sanity together

and trekked through cold and hell

’til he got the living he was hoping

was somewhere out there

he lost blood and he lost time but

the security was there

in the fortress of his mission

his dreams that he’d made real

the path lay ‘hind him

scarred and stained red

a trial to his woes

to the strength he’d shown

to reach the summit

to embrace what he’d feared



  1. This is beautiful and chilling. I *literally* got chills, it’s not just an expression. “It took him plenty of ambition/to battle through his doubts” is one of my favorite lines of all time now. That’s a touchstone line, right there.

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