Posted by: Devin | December 4, 2012

A Light Uncontaining

–for Laura–




Step to the place where

Your suspicions all exit your mind

In the shelter of “madness”

We’ll unleash the truths inside

And the dishes we are breaking

with our words will bloom alive and grow



Creating from the void

Nothing that had suffocated

Supernova all you can

Strike a match in your mind

Ignite the furnace

Let the riverflow cascade



Whirlpooled avalanche

get it out

unleash the angels

of the ugly and sublime

get it out

unleash it

let it fly and let it soar

your mind, your mind, the beauty therein

give it free reign and unleash it all

you’re a thunder

a lightning

a light uncontaining

and I will explode worlds with you

ignition and power

and galaxies, wonder

the reck’ning is here and it’s now

your beautiful madness



let it free

let it burn

let it blossom

let it bleed

let all of it out to be free

our wisdom and beauty

our matches and charcoal



let it burn

let it bleed

let it fly

explode everything with these words



  1. This one is so fucking intense. “I will explode worlds with you.” Holy shit.

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