Posted by: Devin | December 3, 2012

Paper Boats

You are my surrender

My non-prayed-for Lord

I forgive all the silence

for the chance to steal your breath

all the time I spend beside you

is a river bent and swift

and the prayers that we are feeding will

be covered in the silt

I crafted you to be my solace

and you sculpted me as yours

now we’re just two sailboats floating

made of paper and of glue

while the current takes us ’round bends

and the wind blows us away

I’ll follow down your crooked path

and I’ll scar myself for you

’til the tatters of this journey

fray the pieces of our souls

and the wilting bones of madness

erase everything we are

and the only thing remembered

will be the creases and the words

of a thousand headached mornings

still better than alone



  1. Ok, this one’s a masterpiece. Favorite.

    • I love you, Stoogette. THANK YOU.

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