Posted by: Devin | October 1, 2012

Sidewalk Cake

a solitary cake slice
waiting on the street
for someone to approach it
bend down and pick it up
or maybe a hungry pigeon
to peck it all apart

yet, being consumed, it is happy
it wants to spread joy to the world
so it sits there upon the sidewalk
with its sprinkles of every hue
and icing unmarred by the quick feet
of people that hurry and rush

who would love a little white cake slice
that’s already hit the ground?
I guess it will have to make do with
sustaining life in a bird
but that’s alright; it’s really not tragic
giving life to a bird will be nice

and then when that pigeon
is scared by the people
rushing and rushing on by
it will feel the vibrations
of wingtips and soaring
fluttering up in the sky


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