Posted by: Devin | June 19, 2012

Nick Cave Mags, Books, DVDs

My collection of Nick Cave magazines has gotten to the point where I need to maintain a list to avoid accidentally buying doubles.

Many of my magazines have been reduced to clippings due to a lack of storage space. However, if I have the cover and article, I have listed it normally. Those denoted with a (C) are ones without covers (either purchased as clippings or weren’t cover stories). Some magazines Japanese, German, etc. I just chose not to specify, except for Rolling Stone cuz there are 50 versions of it.



1982 Sep 22 OOR
1983 12 Nov NME
1984 12 May NME
1985 Jan ZigZag
1985 Dec Music Life (C)
1985 Dec Ongaku Senka (C)
1988 13 Aug NME
1988 10 Dec NME (cover mention)
1989 Vol 1 Issue 1 Reflex Magazine w/”Rye Whiskey” flexi
1989 25 Feb NME
199? #6 Tongue in Cheek fanzine
1990 Apr Rockin’ On (C)
1990 May Spex
1990 Jul/Aug Velvet
1990 Oct Rockin’ On (C)
1991 Jun Spiral Scratch
1992 4 Apr NME (cover mention)
1992 May Best
1992 May Puncture
1992 28 Nov NME
1993 Jul Cross Beat (C)
1994 2 Apr NME
1994 May Cross Beat (C)
1994 Sep Rolling Stone (C) UK
1995 Nov Rolling Stone (C) UK
1996 13 Jan OOR
1996 27 Jan NME
1996 Apr Rolling Stone Deutschland
1997 Spring The Witness
1997 May Rockin’ On (C)
1998 Spring The Witness
1998 9 May NME
1998 Autumn The Witness
1999 Mar The Wire
1999 Summer The Witness
2000 Spring The Witness
2001 Mar Rolling Stone Deutschland
2001 Spring The Witness
2001 May Roll
2001 Jun Rolling Stone (C) UK
2001 Jul Rock & Folk
2001 Sep/Oct Magnet
2003 25 Jan OOR
2004 ?? Play
2005 Feb Rolling Stone (C)
2006 Apr/May Paste
2007 May Rolling Stone (C)
2008 2 Mar Sunday Herald (C)
2008 6 Mar Herald Sun (C)
2008 Winter Magnet
2009 Mar MOJO
2010 Sep Uncut
2010 15 Sep Time Off (Queensland)
2011 Spring New York Times Style Magazine
2011 Jun Q (C)


And the Ass Saw the Angel by Nick Cave (2003 version with reddish orange cover with windmill)

Bad Seed by Ian Johnston

The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave; slipcased, signed/numbered edition with DVD of readings; bunny suit cover

The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave; audiobook read by author

The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave; first American edition with dark rabbit drawing cover

Fish In a Barrel by Peter Milne

King Ink by Nick Cave; 1993 Fifth Printing

King Ink II by Nick Cave; 1997, doesn’t say printing #

Life and Music of Nick Cave: Illustrated Bio by Maximilan Dax

Nick Cave by Andrea Cansidi; Italian book with mini CD w/ATASTA clips

Nick Cave Stories limited book from NICK CAVE: THE EXHIBITION; 2007

Nick Cave calendar by Bleddyn Butcher

Sinner Saint edited by Mat Snow

The kind you buy, not bootlegs.

Abattoir Blues Tour
The Assasination of Jesse James
The Birthay Party: Pleasure Heads Must Burn
Ghosts…of the Civil Dead
God Is in the House
Johnny Suede
The Proposition
The Road to God Knows Where / Live at the Paradiso
The Videos (Bad Seeds)
Wings of Desire


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